Wyoming Conservation Corps’ First Tiny Tool House

WCC exterior 1-3

Work is underway for the WCC’s Tiny Tool Cache, a tool cache on wheels to be taken to various locations around the state much in line with the Tiny House movement taking place across the world. In side, we will have a work bench with vises, cubbies for chainsaws, hand and trail tools, peg boards, and maintenance tools. The project is projected to be finished by Earth Day this year. More pictures and updates to come!

WCC exterior 1-22015021995164530

Our brains behind the project is Paul Pellissier at TimberCraft Woodworks. He is a highly skilled carpenter, a teacher, and holds a master’s of natural resources from University of New Hampshire.IMG_20150219_161002203

This week, we plan on putting up siding and roof rafters.

Stay Tuned!

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