_MG_7538Spring Break is over and it is both exciting and terrifying how close we are to the start of the WCC season.  Crew leaders are getting paired up tonight, the tiny tool shed is in its final stages, saw camp is just around the corner, and the docket is almost full of exciting projects. The summer is starting to come into view, and soon we will have crew members selected, too.  It’s rewarding to see how much we have accomplished in the last few months together, but also a little intimidating to think about all that needs to be done before the tires hit the road for the first hitch.

Perhaps the worst trap we can fall into at this point is thinking that every possible glitch can be addressed and avoided in advance.  Certainly we can train ourselves to the best of our ability.  We can have countless discussions and run through tons of scenarios to prepare ourselves to the marathon of six consecutive 10-day hitches.  However, the best thing that we as staff and crew leaders can do, is poise ourselves for the inevitable adverse situation that will arise daily.  Unexpected problems to be expected.

In our leadership course we’ve had several discussions about flexibility and adaptability.  Truly, I think these are the most important tools in our leadership toolboxes.  Already, we are taking a stab at overcoming the surprise obstacles.  Through building the tiny tool shed, working on hoop houses and raised beds for Laramie Rivers Conservation District, and prepping tools for the summer, we have already hit several  road bumps.

Glass Recycling day caught us off guard with the amount of bottles people brought in.  But some quick thinking and selfless generosity from the community helped us get our unexpected payload down to Loveland.

Every day that I help on the tiny house, I am left scratching my head about fitting a board to the correct angle, or making the correctly angled cuts on the miter saw for our siding to overlap.  Patience, teamwork, and good humor turn these obstacles into fun experiences.

Tires are bound to go flat.  Tools are destined to break.  Weather will humble us each and every day this summer.  However, when we practice and train ourselves to respond to adverse conditions in positive ways, we can welcome the unexpected with excitement.

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