The WCC teams up to provide camping and fire wood for the first annual Wilderness Festival at the University of Wyoming. Long stewards of wilderness, it only makes sense that WCC provides supplies and power to the event promoting our public to get outside and hike the trails in Wyoming’s beautiful wilderness. See below for more details of the event.


April 1st – Film Festival – We will screen 4 films including Land of No Use and Common Ground from the Montana Wilderness Association, and Shoshone Wild and Forgotten Spaces from the Wyoming Wilderness Association. This will be held in the Berry Center at starting 7:00 pm.

April 2nd – Panel Discussion – We will have a panel consisting of 4 informed and well-versed speakers. Each member will have 10-15 minutes to present their ideas on the topics, followed by a 30-minute open discussion period, finishing with 20 minutes for audience questions. Our confirmed panelists are Mark Jenkins (Author and frequent contributor to Outside Magazine and National Geographic), Louise Lasley (President of the Board of Wilderness Watch), Jennie Trefren (BLM Coordinator at Wyoming Wilderness Association), and Dan Smitherman (Wyoming Representative for the Wilderness Society). This will be held in the Education Auditorium at the University at 7:00 pm. The panel discussion will have two themes:

  1. The country just celebrated 50 years of designated wilderness areas and Wyoming our 30 years. What does the next 50 and 30 years look like for wilderness stewardship?
  2. The concept of “management” is in direct opposition to the concept of “wilderness”, yet management is a necessary part of our interaction with this resource. How should wilderness areas be managed? Are all wilderness areas created equally and thus require the equal amount of law, or do we need to rethink our system of designation?

April 3rd – Music Festival – Laramie’s Libby Creek Original will join Tallgrass and Von Stomper from Fort Collins at 7 p.m. at the Laramie Train Depot. This event is free and for all ages.

April 4th – Outdoor Excursion – A main goal of this entire event is to inspire people to get outside and experience the amazing backcountry in their own back yards. Partnering with the Outdoor Program at UW, we will offer a hike and camping trip into the Platte River Wilderness Area near 6-mile gap. We will cap this event at 30 people, as we will be providing transportation, medically trained guides, and snowshoes. The Wyoming Conservation Corps will provide tents and firewood, and the ENR Club will provide dinner and breakfast. Participants must bring sleeping bags, which can be rented at the Outdoor Program by students. This event is weather dependent.

All events will be free and open to the public, although the Outdoor Excursion will have priority space for students per University funding requirements.

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