By Elise D’Alessandrophoto 2 (1)

With the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to play in some soil and start gardening! Crew leaders are excited to be helping the Laramie Rivers Conservation District give elementary schools across Laramie the opportunity to garden. Recent work has included building and installing raised planting beds at Indian Paintbrush Elementary School; this allows for teachers to help students learn about plants and food with hands-on activities (and helps grow some tasty and healthy treats). On Monday crew leaders joined the students in the after school gardening program to help them thin their flower seedlings. The students were very excited about their flowers and eager to learn about thinning and how it will make their plants healthier. Soon they will head outside to use the raised planting beds to plant a variety of vegetables and continue expanding their gardening knowledge. We can only hope that this gardening experience will be one of many educational steps in providing students with life-long lessons about food, plants, and ultimately the larger environment. The Laramie Rivers Conservation District has been doing great work through their educational program in elementary schools, and WCC is fortunate to have the opportunity to help contribute to this educational 3 (1) photo 3

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