The WCC field and office staff and very proud to post our new crew members for the 2015 season.

Celebratory Office Selfie for our new members!
Celebratory Office Selfie for our new members!


Madison Williams, Big Horn, WY

-Kayla Joy Carr, Peoria, AZ

-Kayla Matlock, Torrington, WY

-Phil Klebba, Sheridan, WY

-Eli Reisman, New Paltz, NY

-Austin Deane, Wilson, WY

-Jordan Giese, Casper, WY

-Shane Nielson, Casper, WY

-Christian Marr, Temple Terrace, FL

-Cheyenne Koch, Bloomfield, CO

-Andrea Smith, Marion, IA

-Heidi Dowling, Parker, CO

-Rebecca Wildt, South Lyon, MI

-Jason Armstrong, Broadview, NM

-Alek Angele, Laramie, WY

-Jason Carroll, Parker, CO

-Matt Cronin, Park Ridge, IL

-Amelia Sheesley, Lakewood, CO

More news: In the last class for WCC crew leaders, we shared hours with one another going over detailed schematics of rock work, fencing, timber construction, trail design, bridging and much more.


Ryan just built wood racking in all the crew trailers for streamline organization while Harper and Elise inventoried all the trailers. Simone, Taylor, Harper and Ryan prepared cook kitchen sets inventorying and washing. Christian is re-certifying his WFR this week too. The WCC is fortunate to have the crew leaders we have and look forward to a fantastic summer and fall season. With two weeks till orientation our office staff are feverishly working to fill any last minute gaps and concerns while our field staff are prepping all the tools and organization methods – off to a great start!

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