Hitch 1 was a great success!

Crew 1 – Worked on various projects around Fort Phil Kearny, named after the famed Major General Phillip Kearny, Jr. from the American Civil War and the Mexican-American War. Here the crews

Check out our chinking work around the door

re-chinked a historic cabin while working on restoring some old fencing and building new. On their day off, some of them went on local hikes around the area and the education day was factored into the work they were already doing – historic preservation.

Crew 2 – Built our standard amazing International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) single track trails in Gendlo State Park. Because of the WCC, Glendo and Curt Gowdy State Park have become major destinations for mountain biking trails, some of our trails considered “epic” under IMBA’s guidelines – basically a bucket list of trails to ride for mountain bikers. glendoCrew 2 enjoyed mountain biking on their day off. As for their education day, they got a tour of the power plant and dam in Glendo learning about water rights, production, purification process, history of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the nearby ruts from the first wagons who found this reservoir in the 1850s as an important oasis while crossing the prairie toward the west coast.

Crew 3 – Worked on clearing out trees and applied pheromone packets to select trees in making campground ready for a busy season at Sinks Canyon State Park. When our members were not cutting big heavy trees, they were moving heavy stones around building beautiful platforms and sinkscave1retaining walls for the campgrounds. You will have to ask them what their education day was but they did go on some hikes in the area.

All three of our crews did fantastic work for Wyoming State Parks this past hitch. Look forward to Hitch 2’s blog post…

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