Wyoming has been a long held destination for recreation of the highest caliber. I was under the impression that the trail work WCC has done with Curt Gowdy State Park, Glendo State Park, and others is some of the best around. Well, turns out my suspicions were correct.

The WCC has built roughly 40% of the trails in Curt Gowdy SP (Gowdy) and has maintained not only every inch of the trails we have built but most of the trail in the entire park – all the highest International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) standards. Further, our trails have helped boost Gowdy’s numbers three fold!

Our work with Wyoming State Parks has proven that the WCC makes quality trails for mountain biking tourism. Our trails continue to improve tourism in Wyoming not only by our great trail construction and maintenance but our ability to step into almost any conservation/preservation project and improve it.


-MTB Project highlights a loop we helped to build. This loop is now considered an IMBA Epic meaning a trail any serious mountain biker must do…aka IMBA Epic=bucket list for mountain bikers. http://www.mtbproject.com/trail/3801032 & https://www.imba.com/epics/curt-gowdy-state-park

-SingleTrack.com rates the Curt Gowdy Trails as the best in the State – http://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bike/best_trails.php?new_state_id=431

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