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 Wyo Conservation Corps teams with WGFD to build new, much-needed pronghorn fenceunnamed2

(Wyoming)  —Thanks to another cooperative wildlife project, pronghorn antelope can now navigate fencing along their migration route in antelope hunt area 93 northwest of Green River. The previous fence has been a major road block to pronghorn for many years and the new fence is a much-needed fix to an ongoing problem.

“The net-wire fencing was a huge barrier to pronghorn migration and they could not physically get through or around the fencing,” said Mark Zornes Green River Wildlife Management Coordinator. “The old fence was torn down and replaced with four-wire smooth bottom wire, what we call a wildlife-friendly fence, and within a couple weeks the pronghorn were migrating with no problems. The fence works.”

Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel identified this as a barrier to pronghorn migration over two decades ago. The full extent of the problem was determined by University of Wyoming masters student Daly Edmunds. Zornes and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Assistant Field Manager Gavin Lovell were discussing the fencing issue at a local meeting and that’s when Tronox employee Julie Lutz first heard about it.

“When we heard about the migration issues and the proposed fencing work North of our Granger plant I thought Tronox could help fill the gap by tackling some of the fence work in our Granger permit area over a four to five year period,” Lutz said. “We secured permission from everyone and the BLM supplied materials and technical support. Tronox’s contribution is part of a landscape area multi-partner project. This is a great partnership story, one of many in Wyoming.”

“This project would not have happened without the financial support and landowner permission from Anadarko-Uinta Development Cooperation, the permittee on the affected lands,” Zornes said. “We also need to recognize and thank workers from the Kemmerer and Rock Springs BLM Field Offices, University of Wyoming Conservation Corps, Tronox, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, and the Game and Fish who were also instrumental in completing this fencing project. The Rock Springs Grazing Association also supported the project. The new fence will benefit migrating pronghorn in that area for a long time.”

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