Crew 1- Fort Bridger State Historic Site/ Bear River State Park, Wyoming, August 10th-19th: This crew started off their last Hitch at the Fort Bridger State Historic Site. They did various tasks around the site to get ready for the Rendezvous festival that is held every year at the historic site.  These tasks include building a Tyvek/composite boardwalk for visitors to use, weed whacking, and white washing buildings to get them ready for the festival.  To learn more about the Rendezvous festival click the link here:

After leaving Fort Bridger, the crew headed West to Bear River State Park.  Here, they built a new trail as well as continued to work on a pre-established trail.  They undertook some noxious weed removal (prairie grass), and a lot of lopping to “clear the corridor”. Needless to say, this crew can be as versatile as needed and still complete the project.

Education Day- Working within the historic site made it possible to learn about the history of the area during the work day.  This continued on the education day with a guided tour of the site.  This allowed the crew to learn about the history of the Rendezvous festival, as well as the history of the site itself.

Day Off–  This Crew always seems to go hiking or do something really awesome on their days off, and the trend continued on Hitch 6.  A hike in the Uinta Range in North Eastern Utah to Ruth Lake looks like a little fun.kmat1

Beautiful views
Beautiful views
Jordan receives a cake from Sandy
Jordan receives a cake from Sandy

Crew 2 – Burnt Hollow north of Gillette,  Devon Energy, Buffalo-BLM, Wyoming, August 10-19th: Crew 2 began their journey by picking seeds for a reclamation project dedicated to restoring the green needle grass in the area to allow for better wetland health nearby. Soon after, the crew headed to the Outlaw Cave area – a beautiful landscape made most famous by Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch as their hideout (the hole-in-the-wall). It was then that the team started firing up the chainsaws and mitigated the overgrowth of juniper trees and some pondarosa pines to better the release of mahogany trees in hopes of improving black tail and mule deer in the area. Finally, this crew moved to Burnt Hollow area to cut juniper trees in order for the sage grouse to safer prosper in northwestern Wyoming.

Education Day – Touring one of Devon Energy’s plants is always a treat for our crews. Here, the crew walked around the facilities, spoke with officials in the BLM and Devon, networked, and ate a glorious amount of food provided by Devon.

Day Off – Crew 2 took to the mountains as usual heading into the Big Horns mountains hiking up Circle Park Trail.

Taking care of business
Outlaw Cave
Group photo for their last hitch

Crew 3 – Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming, August 10-19th: This is the second time the WCC has headed to the tower this summer. This time, our crew helped the NPS with bat telemetry which is to say, catching bats, putting a small GPS on the animals, and then tracking their movement and habits with sonar and GPS systems.  When our crews were not staying up late working with bats, they restored archaeological areas damaged from human traffic, made and refurbished signs for the park, and split a remarkable amount of firewood for the camp guests and NPS staff housing.

Education Day – This hitch was really one big education day. The crew learned more about bats and the technology to incorporated with the work they were doing, learned a little more about the Native Americans in the area, the lore behind the tower, the geology, and recent history.

Day off – This crew headed out to Keystone, South Dakota to play on the Alpine Slide, ski lifts, presidential way museum, and finished by swimming in a local pool.

Catching the bat…
Tagging the bat…
and tracking the bat

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