20150818_092909[1]BURNT HOLLOW Management Area, 20 miles of Gillette on Highway 59, August 18, 2015 – Over the last seven years, Devon has partners with WCC in projects all over the state but this project in particular is indicative of the progressive streak held in Devon Energy’s values. This ongoing project is dedicated to the enhancement of sage grouse habitat, a project heavy on many people’s minds who live in the western states. On August 18th, Devon volunteers from their Wyoming field offices and from their headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma came to help the WCC team by carrying brush away from our chainsaw crews as well as removing the juniper by hand. In the Brunt Hollow area, the project was to remove all the juniper which has become invasive in the area out competing all other woody species and depleting the sage brush so vital to the grouse’s survival. With 30 volunteers or more, in just a few hours, the area was near to being totally rid of all the low elevation juniper we were targeting. That’s pretty amazing! Thank you volunteers!

To learn more about Devon Energy and all of their past and present social and environmental initiatives check them out at – http://www.devonenergy.com/social-responsibility

A big thank you goes to the BLM in Gillette and Buffalo for all the hard work and dedication not only to our public lands but to us as a conservation corps. A second big thank you belongs to Kimberly Mazza of Devon Energy in her taking pictures of the event, constant support of the WCC, and just generally being an all-star for the partnership we have.

Little to no other conservation corps or energy companies seem to work together in the United States. We see our partnership with Devon Energy as a unique bond between organizations so often paired to be opposites. We need energy just as much as we need to conserve our natural resources. The WCC knows we are rare in these partnerships now but we hope that as the years move forward, other energy companies and conservation organizations will work together for the common good of our earth and its citizens. We are so proud of our partnership with Devon Energy and our other energy company partnerships including Tronox, Encana, TriHydro, and Anadarko with more to come we hope.

WCC members taking a juniper down – volunteer ready to help when it’s safe
Devon Volunteer and BLM employee working together
Devon Volunteer and Crew Member working together
Crew Member and BLM employee attacking one of the bigger trees out there
BLM employees and volunteers systematically nipping away at junipers
Family photo

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