Alpine-Etna, Wyoming, September 8-17: Our Fall Crew headed to the beautiful Alpine/Etna area to continue saw projects and fencing maintenance. Working with Wyoming Game and Fish out of Pinedale and Jackson, our crew found dozens of trees laying next to or on the fence properties for public lands. The major chunk of the hitch was dedicated to felling, bucking, and limbing the trees that posed a threat or had already become a threat to the wildlife fences. Over all the crew:

  • Cut over 100 trees
  • Tactfully used hoists on 10 or more trees
  • Felled some huge (dead and hazardous) conifers
  • Worked in crazy wet weather
  • Hiked at least 4 miles a day with chainsaws, fluids, tools, and a wench up super steep and wet terrain.
  • Impressed Wyoming Game and Fish

The Fall crew has just one more hitch before our 2015 field season comes to a close. Now, we just have to convince the crew to take pictures this hitch. As you can tell, they worked so hard they forgot to snap some blog pictures. Let’s forgive them this time.

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