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Since our first season in 2006, the WCC has fulfilled our promise of leadership in public service. We take pride in knowing that we are investing in our leaders and members to be the next generation of land managers. Our focus on education provides WCC members upper-division college credit, educational scholarships, and provides context to their projects that allow them to see the scale and impact of their work. Beyond knowing the projects well, our crews consistently deliver a reliable and inexhaustible  work ethic. Partners, don’t be surprised if your projects are finished earlier than expected!_MG_5872

This summer season, our crews collectively accomplished:

  • Over a 1000 acres (roughly 51,000 holes) of prairie dog Delta Dusting to promote the prevention of a plague wiping out prairie dogs all over the West
  • Over 500 Junipers eradicated to make room for sage grouse habitat enhancement (Thanks in part to the help from Devon Energy volunteers
  • Over 1000 beetle kill pines felled
  • Over 25 miles of trails built or maintained
  • Over 20 miles of wire fence repaired or built
  • 800 feet of buck and rail fence built
  • 12 H-Braces replaced or built
  • 6 miles of weed eating
  • Over 50 timber stairs built
  • Over a 1000 feet of split rail fencing
  • Dozens of switchbacks stabilized
  • Multiple stone staircases
  • 3 puncheons bridges
  • 1 stringer bridge
  • Built 10 tent pads using stone and timber
  • Multiple concrete pouring projects
  • 3 historic ranches restored
  • 2 archaeological site rehabilitated
  • Over 10 square miles of noxious plant removal including (Juniper, Canadian Thistle, Mullein, Rag Weed, and Hound’s Tongue)
  • At least 150 pounds of bacon consumed
  • 3 of 3 crews home safe and ready to keep conservation alive

To learn more context for the projects we completed this summer check out some links below:

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