Casper Biathlon Club, Casper Mountain, Wyoming Sept 21-30 – This last hitch of the 2015 season, our Fall Crew headed to Casper Mountain working with the Casper Biathlon Club. Here they busted out some serious work for the club spending long days chainsawing and harvesting lodge pole pines, building buck-and-rail fences, and some trail work. In the words of Harper, “This is going to be a world class facility.” As Casper Mountain’s recreational opportunities continue to improve, the WCC prides itself in having a big part in its development.

You can check out the Casper Biathlon Club at their website –

After buying 6 new chainsaws for this crew alone, those saws probably saw 70 hours each. In total, the crew:

  • cut over 500 logs
  • built 128 bucks (111 of those were in one day! name another crew that can do that…)
  • built 492 rails
  • Touched up some of the trails
  • Took No Picture!!!!

A Big thank you goes out to all our sponsor, contacts, and partners for their dedication to the WCC program and our members. An even bigger thank you goes out to our fall crew for working in the wet, the cold, and the boiling hot places all around the state.

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