This year’s selection was difficult to say the least. Patrick, Jim, and Evan deliberated long past the work day into many evenings. We want to thank everyone that took the time to apply for leader – our application takes time as does the interview. We really do appreciate it.

As to those that we did hire, Congratulations!!!! We are super excited to work with all of you and look forward to a great season. Now, let’s get some work done.



Phil Klebba grew up in Sheridan Wyoming and is currently a student at the University of Wyoming finishing up dual degrees in Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management and Environment and Natural Resources.  Phil has worked as a ranch hand, landscaper, hydrologic researcher, and previously with the Wyoming Conservation Corps on two occasions.  Phil is an avid skier, hiker, and hunter and enjoys attempting to identify the various grasses and birds he encounters.  He works for the WCC because he enjoys the physical work, camping, contributing to conservation, and the opportunity to see and explore many of Wyoming’s unique natural wonders.


Her name is Lexi Pellegrino and she hales from a small New York Village not in the City.  Lexi grew up with 5 Italian women who have almost all had their hand in the music/entertainment industry.  Following in their footsteps meant a BA in Communications with a focus on Radio Production.  She found her love for nature at a young age with a hippie mother who loved hiking, camping, fishing and “talking to the trees”.  Only after working in Africa with wild elephants did she realize work like this was the path for her.  She’s since done time with AmeriCorps NCCC, the California Conservation Corps, Northwest Youth Corps and spent the summer WWOOFING in Hawai’i.  Her loves involve everything outdoors, yoga, and learning/teaching others about the environment and natural world around us.  She is filled with a passion to do the best for our planet, since it provides us with such a beautiful home.  She is ready to visit Wyoming for the first time and get to know it up close and personal!!!


Thadeus Miriello is from Lexington, Virginia nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. He obtained a degree in Environmental Studies from Shenandoah University in 2014. Thadeus applied for the WCC because he believes in contributing to the betterment of both the environment and man… And doing that in places with beautiful scenery? Why not? He is most excited to see Wyoming and the beauty of the West this season and the fun that inevitably comes with our work.


Madison Williams grew up in Big Horn, Wyoming and moved to Laramie 3 years ago to pursue a degree in American Studies. Her goals in school aligned well with her extra-curricular efforts, which involve volunteering at sustainable farms. She loves spending nights in a tent and most anything else that gets her out-of-doors – she believes deeply in conservation and is excited to bring that energy to the WCC.


Jason Carroll grew up in Colorado, and moved to Wyoming in 2010 to pursue a college degree. He will be graduating in spring of 2016 with a major in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management, Environment and Natural Resources, as well as a minor in Outdoor Leadership. He has been a crew-member for WCC in years prior and has excelled within the program. Jason spends all of his free time outdoors, mountain biking, snowboarding, fly-fishing, rafting, climbing and whatever else you can do outside. … including jumping off little rocks.


Alicia Webb grew up in Virginia, where she ran around barefoot in the woods, rafted, hiked, caved, rowed, and grew to love being outdoors.  After earning a Bachelors degree in Literature from University of Mary Washington, she explored her interest in environmentalism, and looked for a meaningful career. Alicia served a year-long Americorps term in Denver, Colorado, where she worked on trail and saw crews, and made the decision to continue a new-found love for conservation work through WCC. She’s stoked to make a difference!

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