Great work if you have been keeping up with the workouts. This week we are going to slow it down a little. We are still going to have high repetition body weight but a little less intense. You will notice Yoga for 2-3 hours this week.

Finish By the End of the Week

50-100 push-ups (daily)

3 hours of cardio

125 Burpees

2-3 hours of Yoga – Search Engine: “Yoga for Athletes”

1 hour of quiet self-reflection

56 hours of sleep

21 liters of water

4-6 hours of community service

Go Outside and Play

This Week’s Workout

Find a deck of cards and a yoga mat/workout pad

Step 1 – establish a workout for each suit (i.e. [below])

Spades = push-ups

Diamonds = leg lifts

Hearts = star jumps

Clubs = sit-ups

Step 2 – Shuffle the deck

Step 3 – When you draw a card face-up, do as many reps as the card indicates (i.e. [below]

5 of spades = 5 push-ups

Jack of hearts = 11 star jumps

Queen of Diamonds = 12 leg lifts

King of Clubs = 13 sit-ups

Ace of Spades = 14 push-ups

Step 4 – Finish the whole deck. Repeat this once or twice assigning different workouts of your choice. Do this routine 3-4 times this week.

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