Sometimes, we have to smash things to build them better

This week, we are going to ramp it back up with some difficult H.I.I.T. routines mixed in with self-selected cardio workouts.

Last week, you might have noticed that there was not a post for P.T. The WCC staff, including its crew leaders, had Spring Break. With so much catch up work yesterday, we are just now getting to this weeks post.

Finish by the Week’s End:

– 60-100 push-ups a day

– 2:30 minute standard plank

– 100 pull-ups

– 2 Yoga sessions – we suggest ashtanga or “Yoga for athletes”

– Tell someone at work you appreciate them and all they do

– 4-6 hours of community service

– 56 hours of sleep

– 21 liters of water


This week’s H.I.I.T.

Three times before moving to the next set

15 Burpees

30 Sit-ups

1 Minute mountain climbers

Three times before moving to the next set

15 raised leg pushups (we suggest a chair to put your feet on)

20 star jumps

20 leg lifts

Three times before moving to the next set

30 Russian twists with weight

20 plyometric lunges

15 clap push-ups



We will leave it to you all to decide on what exercise you want to do this week but make it difficult twice and easy for one or two. For example, run sprints up hill for a session and the next sessions go on a 2-3 mile jog.


Good luck – have fun – be happy – go outside

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