Nice Face-cut!

For Week #6 we wanted to mix up the fitness routine. Find a track or a city block and be prepared to sweat, curse, and feel accomplished. Remember to finish all those tasks by this time next Monday. Enjoy.

Finish by the Week’s End:

– 60-100 push-ups a day

– 2:30 minute standard plank

– 2-3 sessions of Yoga – your choice

– 2-3 strength training sessions

-Talk to someone new this week or catch up with an old friend

– 4-6 hours of community service

– 56 hours of sleep

– 21 liters of water


This Week’s Fitness Routine:

Step One: Find a track, a non-busy block in a neighborhood, or a trail head. You are looking to run about 200 meters between each exercise. A track is ideal for judging distance but try to find football field’s length to equal one lap.

Step Two: Warm-up with some stretching and jumping jacks

Here’s what we are going to do: You will be working out for exactly 30 minutes. You will work with one exercise for the first and second 10 minute session and the last 10 minutes will be a medley of exercises.

            FIRST 10 MINUTES

            10-15 Burpees, run a lap, 10-15 Burpees, run a lap – repeat for 10 minutes

            SECOND 10 MINUTES

            30 seconds of mountain climbers then 10 push-ups, run a lap – repeat for 10 minutes

            THIRD (AND FINAL) 10 MINUTES

            0-3 minutes: 10 star jumps, run – repeat

            3-6 minutes: 25 crunches, run – repeat

            6-9 minutes: 15 leg lifts, run – repeat

            9-10 minute: standard plank


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