Buford Foundation Ranch, Centennial, WY – On Saturday April 2nd, the Wyoming Conservation Corps teamed up with a number of organizations to help wildlife west of Laramie on Highway 130.


Crew Leader Phil Klebba measures the height of a wire


Who: Wyoming Conservation Corps, Fish and Wildlife Services Wyoming Wildlife Federation, UW Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, and the Buford Foundation.


Volunteers and leaders unwinding stays on the fence


What: Wildlife, primarily elk, were getting caught in an enclosure. This was leading to damaged fence and injured ungulates.We removed a section of barbed wire from the fence to allow for Elk to jump over the top wire 40-42 inches high.  We raised the bottom wire to 10-12, so pronghorn could still slip beneath it.


Volunteers working on the fence

Why: This project was created by the Fish and Wildlife Service  to address the issue of elk getting caught in the fence.  By retrofitting the fence to have certain dimensions, we made it “wildlife friendly”.


Volunteers before a hard day of work

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