This week, we are going to venture into some cross training by combining strength, endurance, and cardio into one workout. To offset the impact of this routine, we recommend a few sessions of yoga to stretch out and work on core. And remember, get outside…maybe even ask a family member or old friend to join you. Enjoy.

Finish by the End of the Week:

100 push-ups a day

100 sit-ups a day

3 yoga sessions

2:30 second plank

Call an old friend or family member to catch up

56 hours of sleep

21 liters of water


This Week’s Routine: 3 times this week

7 minutes of Burpees

3 minutes of leg lifts

run 400 meters


1 minute of moving plank

1 minute of push-ups

2 minutes of squats

1 minute of wall sit

3 minutes of abs (your choice)

2 minutes of lunges

run 400 meters


2 minutes of leg lifts

2 minutes of jumping jacks

2 minutes of Russian twists

3 minutes of mountain climbers

1 minute of abs (your choice)

run 800 meters

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