August 22nd, Laramie High School, Wyoming – On the last Monday before University of Wyoming classes begin, 80 Resident Assistants (R.A.s), the students responsible for dormitory halls, volunteered their time to plant 40-50 trees along Boulder Drive in front of the new Laramie High School building complex.The R.A.s planted various tree species and landscaping shrubs. The volunteers even picked up trash, helped with irrigation tubes, and spread mulch.

After working with many of the RAs, the least we can say is that whomever will be living in the dorms this year will have top-notch leadership!

Thank you to the City of Laramie for their leadership and guidance, especially City of Laramie City Arborist, Randy Overstreet. Thank you to Residence Life and Dining for their organization and volunteers. The WCC simply made sure everyone was safe, using the tools properly, and occasionally helping remove some big rocks inhibiting the trees from being planted. The biggest thanks belongs to all the R.A.s.

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