Fall Crew -Fence Line near New Fork Lake, Wyoming, August 22-31 – This crew of 4 (Jason Carroll, Eli Riesman, Thadeus Miriello, Madison Williams), ventured into the wilds of New Fork Lake a few miles from Pinedale working for the Wyoming Game and Fish. The crew walked the fence line dividing private property to public land taking down hazardous trees and repairing an elk fences. All in all, it was a rewarding hitch but a tiring one. Imagine hiking an average of 7 miles a day with a 15 lb chainsaw, fuel, an axe, a chainsaw kit, and a day pack with food and water for a whole day. Who needs a gym?

Day Off – The party of four headed to Jackson, WY for their rest day. They relaxed by a lake and repaired chainsaws.

Education Day – Our Fall Crew members have finished the Summer Practicum for which they receive upper division UW credit and therefore do not undergo an education component each hitch. Instead this crew interacts with agency contacts to gain an understanding of what it is the agency does and through hard work these members learn each agencies approach to land management.

All Said and Done:

  • 5 Miles of corridor cleared along elk fence line
  • 1 mile of elk fence repaired
  • 1,120 aspens felled and cleared
  • 110 various pine species felled and cleared
  • Miles and miles of fence line walked with a MS 362 over their shoulder

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