Fall Crew – Fence line near Etna, Wyoming, September, 5 – 10 – Working with Wyoming Game and Fish and US Forest Service, this crew headed to the fence line  from Dry Creek to Wolfley Canyon. Jason tracked their progress on his GPS to find out the team cut, cleared, and repaired 7 miles of elk fence in just a couple day over steep terrain. After the elk fence, they replaced 4 H-braces and replaced 3.5 miles of top rails for a buck and rail fence near Soda Lake (Wildlife Management Habitat Area).

When the crew wasn’t working, they didn’t have to drive too far to get into their personal hot springs! Nothing like walking miles of fence a day to slip into a warm natural bath.

All Said and Done:

  • 7 miles of elk fence cleared and repaired
  • 3.5 miles of the top rail on a buck and rail fence replaced
  • 4 H-braces replaced

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