Fall Crew – Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources’ South Pass City Historic Site, Wyoming, September 19-28 – The crew set up base in the historic South Pass City mining town with the task of building trails, working on fences, and bridges. The main project was digging trail on BLM and State Parks’ land to connect to a loop trail that links up historical sites and structures. After digging about a mile of new trail, the crew moved on to complicated H-brace and fencing work (picture below) as well as two bridges to be installed on trail built. Lastly, they cut trees hazard trees.

Education Day – Our fall crews don’t often have education days, but they did snag two hours during the day to have a guided tour with park staff of the mines in South Pass City.

Day Off – This hitch was cold. Think below freezing every morning. So, in an effort to break from the cold, they headed to Lander for a day of leisure. Although, sounds like it rained for most of the time off. Better than snow.

All Said and Done:

  • about 1 mile of trail built
  • 2 split log bridges
  • 10 difficult hazard trees down
  • 6 H-braces built
  • 4 pedestrian gates
  • 1 gate built


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