The 2017 WCC Crew leaders were in high spirits this past weekend. On February 25th and 26th the WCC hosted a glass recycling event in the Walmart parking lot in Laramie, Wyoming. These AmeriCorps members endured single digit temperatures and high winds in an effort to divert glass from winding up in the Laramie Landfill. Saturday’s collection broke our single day record as we collected 42 bins of glass. Thank you for saving your glass Laramie!

The WCC started collecting glass in 2014, when there were no other options for residents in the city of Laramie. The idea was to transport the glass to Loveland Recycling Center instead of letting it go into the landfill. What started as a one-time collection manifested itself into an annual event each Spring.

Since 2014 the WCC has diverted over 90 tons of glass from the Landfill! This effort would not be possible without the service of our AmeriCorps leaders, and help from the community. The Wyoming Conservation Corps would especially like to thank everyone who donated money to the new glass-recycling trailer (It’s great!), and to the city for providing the recycling bins that we use.

Upcoming collection dates:

March 25th & 26th 11am – 2 pm @ Walmart

April 8th & 9th 11am – 2pm @ Walmart

April 21st – Earth Day @ UW Simpson’s Plaza

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