Every spring, the Wyoming Conservation Corps’ AmeriCorps crew leaders volunteer their time to serve the Laramie Valley. Since 2010, crew leaders have worked with the Laramie Rivers Conservation District (LRCD) in a number of capacities providing spring time labor for LRCD’s mission in Albany County.

This year, our leaders are designing and building a variety of raised beds to be placed in the City of Laramie’s LaBonte Park Community Garden. The purpose for a variety of raised bed styles is to demonstrate to Laramie gardeners that there are multiple methods for building these raised beds, each style useful for various situations – i.e. dog owners, high traffic animal areas, chickens, hoop house attachments etc…

As of now, our leaders have completed three of these raised beds and working on more! Two of these raised beds were designed  with a horseshoe shape that is 36” wide around the center allowing a person in a wheel chair access to gardening.

The leaders have much more work to do in updating LaBonte Park’s garden but enough time to do it. In late April or early May when the ground thaws, WCC crew leaders will help install the new beds – more information on the installation will be posted closer to the installation date.

Below are a few pictures of our crew leaders building the raised beds.

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