by Claire Heidel; crew member 2016, crew leader 2017

My first experience working with for Americorps was last summer as a crew member (2016) in the Wyoming Conservation Corp (WCC). What sparked my interest in joining WCC was the fact that it allowed me to become a part of something bigger than myself. I accomplished this goal in true WCC fashion- living, working and growing outside. As I reflect back on last summer, it was a time spent not only being in the outdoors but working alongside fellow hardworking Americans who cared to enhance the lives of other Americans through their work.

I look forward to this coming summer as I return to WCC as a crew leader. Within these past spring months alone, I have had the opportunity to gain skills in wilderness first aid and response, work locally in the community through glass recycling, recruit for WCC on my college campus of the University of Wyoming and have the privilege to meet and befriend supervisors and co-leaders whom I will closely be working with. And that is not even mentioning what the summer has in store with project partnerships, hitches, crew members and outdoor adventures!

Being affiliated with organizations such as Americorps and WCC is an opportunity of a lifetime where life is simply lived through hard work, pride, teamwork and a whole lot of fun. Americorps and the WCC encourage the growth of an individual who in turn encourages that growth among the American people they meet throughout their journeys. I am grateful for having the incredible chance to become a part of something bigger than myself through my continued experience with Americorps and the Wyoming Conservation Corp.



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