by Dillon Levi; crew member 2011 & 2012, crew leader 2017

AmeriCorps has been an exceptional opportunity for me to see my state and to leave with it something that will last longer than my lifetime. I can still remember the first time I saw Casper Mountain and the Bridal trail that climbs it when I was just a young boy. It is not an impressively tall mountain, and it juts out of the prairie like a wrinkle in your bed sheets.

It wouldn’t be until my service with the Wyoming Conservation Corps, through the AmeriCorps, that I would return to this bump in the middle of the state. There I worked alongside several other service members to rehabilitate the trail that the citizens of Casper enjoy every day. Those hikers who would veer off trail to save time (and miss the fantastic view from the CCC section of the trail) had created erosion that was making the trail downhill an impassable muddy mess. I met the love of my life in college, who is a native to Casper. It was a joy to show her what I did in saving the trail with a retaining wall that I built; in addition to the time saving steps, which she uses to this day. My experience with AmeriCorps was at first just a job to help me pay for school. I didn’t know it would be a part of my life in every facet ad infinitum.


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