by: Tyler Carroll; crewmember 2016, crew leader 2017

During my time working with the Wyoming Conservation Corps, last summer and this winter/spring, I’ve been able to better understand my life ambitions while learning new ways to effectively work and lead in the outdoors. Having the opportunity to travel the state and work on various conservation based projects, opened my eyes to the efforts being made at a state and national basis to better conserve public lands for present and future generations. Getting hands on experience with these efforts has reinforced my life ambitions of protecting these natural places for future generations to enjoy. Working on a crew of eight members has helped me to diversify and understand the importance working together as a team to achieve a common goal. Also being able to work and meet people from all walks of life has shown me that diversification among a team may be a key trait to success. Having classroom based learning of leadership in natural resource issues has further helped me to understand that not everyone may have the same ideals and values. By understanding others values and beliefs a team may flourish as all members have the opportunity to learn and understand different points of view. Overall, my experience thus far has been nothing but good and I cant wait to see what this summer has in store.


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