by: Tyler Paul; crew leader 2017

The Wyoming Conservation Corps is a program that has enlightened me on the potential
of conserving the environment in my state and in my community. It has helped me realize all the opportunities to be involved in various community service activities as well as provided optimal learning opportunities in a leading position. Joining Wyoming Conservation Corps has allowed me to combine my favorite things: camping, building, and just being outdoors. I was given the privilege to participate in a training course that taught me to become a wilderness first responder. Part of the course was also ascertaining certification in adult/child CPR. This will benefit me long after my certification has expired as I plan on continuing to spend time outdoors and the training gives me a comfortable state of mind as I know how to respond to emergency situations. All of this would not have been possible without the help of WCC. I am looking
forward to all the opportunities that will be presented this summer as I continue my experience with WCC. I aim to see new and exciting parts of Wyoming and gain bountiful experiences.


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