April 15, 2017 – Laramie, Wyoming; County Fairgrounds – As is tradition, the WCC crew leaders and staff volunteer their Saturday to support vendors, build a hoop house, hand out tickets, and staff the Stream Trailer (a tool to teach erosion) at the Laramie Rivers Conservation District’s Conservation Expo.  We are proud to support LRCD whenever we can.

This spring, WCC crew leaders have been working with LRCD to build community gardens, and so far they have:

  • Built and installed a Hoop House (10′ x 11′)
  • Built and installed 6 raised beds for the Laramie community gardens in LaBonte Park
  • Educated families on river erosion and agriculture

And this weekend, we will be collecting glass in Simpson’s Plaza on the University of Wyoming for the Laramie Community. The WCC staff could not be more proud to serve with our crew leaders.

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