LARAMIE, April 22, 2017 – The University of Wyoming’s Earth Day was celebrated in the UW’s Student Union building due to an overnight blizzard that covered the town in a thick blanket of snow and freezing rain. While the rest of the student organizations moved inside as to properly display their projects and activities, the WCC stayed outside to collect glass for recycling for Albany County residents. Rain or snow – we work and our leaders…well, led by example with beaming smiles on their faces and ice crusted to their gloves.

Thank you to Sustainability Club, SLCE, ASUW, and other student organizations that made UW’s 2017 Earth Day a positive day!

In between county residents dropping off glass for recycling, some of our crew leaders (and staff) built temporary WCC employees. Below, our director builds his dream employee with their trusty mini-snow walrus by their side.

…soon to come, a post about our overall recycling efforts for Albany County in 2017.

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