Crew 1 & 4,  June 3rd, 2017 – Pole Mountain (Medicine-Bow NF) – National Trails Day is an event hosted every year piloted by the American Hiking Society and powered by sponsors, partnerships, love, and muscle. National Trails Day (NTD) happen all over the U.S.A., including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. This year, with major coordinating effort by the University of Wyoming’s Outdoor Program, Wyoming Pathways, Wyoming State Parks, USFS, and Kay-Linn Enterprises (who taught the trail building school at UWyo June 10th and 11th)  our members were able to provide some of the love and muscle required for trail stewardship with 50 volunteers coming from Laramie and Cheyenne. Not only did everyone work hard, but they worked on making the Pole Mountain trails sustainable for generations to come. #ILovePoleMountain

Crew 2, June 3rd, 2017 – Casper Rotary Park at Casper Mountain – Simultaneously, one of our crews participated in National Trails Day during a regional Rotary event hosted by the Casper Rotary Club. Crew 2 helped head up the effort of some critical areas on the Bridal Falls Trail System while carrying some heavy timbers for retaining walls, building a new trail near the lower parking lot, and did some significant trail maintenance.

2017-05-30 10.17.14


We’d love to thank all the organizations, volunteers, WCC members, and supportive communities who prioritize trails in their communities.


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