It isn’t uncommon to have a late May snow storm in SE Wyoming, but nearly 3ft. of snow later all three of us in the office were on contingency plan 3 trying to prepare for our 2017 Orientation while the snow kept coming.  The snow didn’t melt on the Green Ranch, a piece of property that The Nature Conservancy will be managing with a conservation easement in perpetuity, so we had to postpone our scheduled fencing training.

Orientation 2017
Day 1 of Orientation 2017

Fast forward to Sunday June 25th and what should have been our leaders last day off before they leave for Hitch 3.

Crew worked to remove half-century old fencing and replace it with a system of buck n rail and wildlife friendly fencing that should allow for animals to cross the fence into the conservation easement easily. When completed this piece of fence line will maintain the functionality of the fence for cattle and horses while allowing wildlife to move through the system – and overall reducing the potential for wildlife to become entangled in the fence.

This work/training wouldn’t have been possible without the on the ground training and support of Rex Lockman (Wildlife and Range Specialist) with Laramie County Conservation District. Brent Lathrop (Southeast Wyoming Program Director) The Nature Conservancy (who snapped all these photos). Supplies were provided by the Curt Gowdy Chapter of The Mule Deer Foundation. A huge thank you goes out to them for their support of WCC and smart conservation in SE Wyoming.



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As of this morning crews are in the field. When they finish this hitch they’ll be half way through their summers – they grow up so fast, don’t they? Check back in two weeks to find out what WCC was able to accomplish on Hitch 3.

Green Buck & Rail WCC 25 JUN 17
Evan Townsend – Project Coordinator and Jim Fried – Field Supervisor showing Crew Leaders all the proper techniques.

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