Crew 1 and 2 – Duncan Ranch (near Glenrock, WY), July 24-August 2 – Two crews joined forces this hitch to tackle a major 4 mile trail loop for hikers, bikers, and equestrians on Duncan Ranch. The ranch is own Wyoming State Land and Investments and leased by the lovely Lankister family. The 4 miles of trail represent a committed partnership between the Lankister family, Wyoming State Land and Investments, and Wyoming State Parks, and the WCC.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.24.00 AM.png
A rough sketch of where the 4-mile hiking, biking, and equestrian trail will travel. The Campground pin is where our crews camped.

The work included building all new trail in forest and sage steppe which included minor chainsaw work, a substantial amount of rock work, and a LOT of tread work. Of the 4 miles, this crew completed 2.5 miles.

Education Day – Being close to Casper, our crew took advantage of the city and checked out one of the coolest museums in Wyoming if not the West – The National Historic Trail Museum where they explored the trails, the wagons, and the cultures that travels West to settle back when trails were made with wagon ruts and not mcleods.

Day Off – Back to Casper, the crews also checked out the Science Zone and and some even went to a air-conditioned movie theater and they finished the day at the ol’ Pizza Ranch.

All Said and Done:

  • 2.5 miles of trail built (rock walls, corridor, armoring)


Crew 3 – Hillberry Ranch near Meeteetse (Nature Conservancy), July 24-August 2 – Tasked with removing miles of old non-wildlife friendly on a Nature Conservancy ranch, the crew proudly served their fellow wildlife for the Greater Yellowstone Area. The fence was a inhibitor of safe migration of elk, pronghorns, mule deer. The crew deconstructed 4 strands of barbwire and unearthed more than 300 t-posts.

Education Day – The crew headed to an old school house and ranch nearby with original pieces of furniture, nineteenth century books, toys.

Day Off – Yellowstone! They jumped in the Suburban and saw Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, and Tower Falls which included elk and bison all along the way.

All Said and Done:

  • 4 miles of 4 strand barbwire fence deconstructed or modified for wildlife.

[No Pictures from this crew]

Crew 4 – Fort Bridger State Historic Site, July 24-August 2 – PAINTING! This crew spent their ten days improving 12 historic structures at Fort Bridger including the central bandstand with scrappers and paintbrushes, a job that wasn’t easy on the body or mind but a important job nonetheless. Fort Bridger is one of the best preserved historic sites in the country for its era (mid-nineteenth century) and the crew’s work help it stay that way. The crew ended up using about 75 gallons of paint and whitewash thanks to paint sprayers and paint brushes.

Education Day – Given that the crew is living and working at a premier historic site, it should be no shock that the crew took the day and got a personally guided tour from the staff of the facilities to contextualize the importance of the work. Heck, they even got to shoot historic riffle replicas that us black powder.

Day Off – Close enough to the Utah border, the crew headed to Salt Lake City to be hosted by one of the crew member’s mothers.

All Said and Done:

  • 75 gallons of whitewash and painted applied
  • 12 historic structures improved

[No Pictures from this crew]


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