Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew – Sinks Canyon State Park, Shoshone National Forest, Fort Fred Steele & Curt Gowdy State Park – July 31st-August 10th

The crew started their second to last hitch heading up to Sinks Canyon State Park to build a beautiful bridge to cross the Popo Agie river on one of the trails in the park. For three days, the crew constructed a 40 foot bridge from start to finish – one of the biggest and most complicated WCC projects in recent history.  After Sinks, the crew met with another military veteran, Chris Sellers of the Shoshone National Forest to perform a cutting project. In two days, they felled about 60 trees while bucking and limbing nearly as many in order to clear a corridor for a new mountain biking trail being put together thanks Wyoming Trails and Lander Cycling Club.

After Sinks and Shoshone, the guys headed down to Fort Fred Steele for the day to maintain a trail that our WCC crews built last year to ensure its sustainability. After a day of raking lose gravel off the trail and shoring up one or two rocks, the crew headed to Curt Gowdy State Park to work on putting in a new trail, North Shoreline Trail, to add another beginner trail to the parks map. They started this project with a few days left in their hitch. Their next next and last hitch aims to finish what they started.

All Said and Done:

  • 90 or more trees felled
  • 65 trees bucked, limbed, and removed from trails
  • One 40ft bridge (Sinks)
  • One 25ft bridge (Curt Gowdy)
  • 1 mile of trail maintained
  • .75 miles of trail built


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