group shot vets

August 17th – Cheyenne, WY – The WCC’s inaugural Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew (WyVTC) met with Gov. Matt Mead and some of his staff as a thank you for the work they have done this summer. Trails are a vital infrastructure element to tourism and community in Wyoming. And, as the Governor reminded us of his ranching family’s philosophy, “leave two blades of grass for every one,” he mentioned that the WCC and the WyVTC represent that ethic. End of the year stats to come, but this crew improved or built 63 miles of trail in roughly 70 days.  That is almost a mile a day!

Each member shook Gov. Mead’s hand and received a personalized letter from him. After the ceremony, we all chatted in the back yard of the Kendrick Gallery getting to know everyone in a less formal atmosphere. Afterwards, the crew and Evan headed the Wyoming’s Historic Governor’s Mansion (Wyoming State Historic Site) for a private tour as yet another thank you.

Then, per usual, the crew headed back to the field to keep working on trails. Their season ends August 24th which means they finally have more than two days off in a row to decompress and reflect on the wonderful job they did for our state.

Thank you, Gentlemen.


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