Thank you, Devon Energy, for 10 Years of Partnership!

As 2017’s field season ends it is important for us to take stock in the office, remember the projects we’ve invested our blood, sweat, and tears into, and to take a second a recognize an organization that has truly become a foundational piece of the WCC portfolio. Since 2007 Devon Energy has provided significant direct support for on the ground conservation projects involving habitat restoration, fencing, trail work, etc. through the Wyoming Conservation Corps. Devon has also provided training to our members and retired field trucks that are now used as WCC’s field vehicles. This incredible support is key to the success of the WCC.

From Devon’s website, “We strive to deliver industry-leading results, starting with the health and safety of our employees and the communities where we live and work. We seek to set the standard as a good neighbor, a valued community partner, a caring environmental steward and a model employer.”

To date Devon Energy has sponsored 17, 10-day projects with WCC that have had a significant positive impact on the sustainability, health, and diversity of Wyoming’s public lands. Beyond the critical importance of their support to our project work, Devon has provided 4 retired field vehicles which are critical to our office’s support and supervision of our field crews, and we’re excited to receive a new truck in 2018 (more on that later). It is impossible to express our gratitude for Devon Energy’s commitment to the work we do, but we are forever thankful for their support. Please see the pictures below for some of our favorite memories together.

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