Crew 1- Tree Planting at Camp Paradise outside Wheatland, WY 

Sponsored by: Nature Ltd.

This crew spent their time planting Ponderosa Pines at Camp Paradise near Laramie Peak, after a fire burned through the area a number of years ago. The crew was able to plant over 9,000 sapplings in a matter of days and spent the remainder of their time getting the camp ready for the summer months!

For their education day the crew got to visit a nearby Bison Ranch where they learned the ins and outs of raising bison and what it takes to run a ranch in Wyoming!

The crew stayed busy on their off day by visiting Guernsey State Park, the CCC Museum, the Oregon Trail Ruts, and Register Cliff.

All said and done: 

~ 9,500 trees planted

– Prepped Camp Paradise for the Summer months

Crew 2- Fencing on Shirley Mountain with Rawlins BLM

Sponsored by: BP

This crew spent their days navigating the harsh terrain and high elevations of Shirley Mountain, where they removed about 4.8 miles of barb wire fence. The removal of the fence will help to decrease the negative impacts to both migratory and local wildlife.

For their education day they had the opportunity to learn about the 5 various bat species that inhabit the area and even had a chance to check out the cave system present in Shirley Mountain!

On the off day the crew met up with crew 4 in Saratoga to relax in the Hot Springs and play games in the city park.

All said and done:

-4.8 miles of barb wire fence removed

Crew 3- Signage, Trails and Reclamation in the Red Desert with the BLM

Sponsored by: Wyoming Wilderness Association 

Crew 3 spent their time rehabilitating a highly trafficked path to the White Mountain Petroglyphs (.8 miles); reclaimed 3 trespass routes leading up to Boar’s Tusk with hopes of inspiring compliance from the public not to destroy the natural resources on and around the area; they repaired a buck-n-rail fence circling Crookston Ranch (a place where Butch Cassidy once cared for his horses); and finally they also helped Rock Springs BLM by implementing Wilderness Study Area signs to mark off Buffalo Hump and the Sand Dunes!

For the crews education day they volunteered at the Run the Red 50k race put on by the Wyoming Wilderness Association. During their time volunteering the crew ran an aid station passing out water and snacks, ready to utilize their first-aid skills if necessary. After the race the crew also helped to de-flag part of the race route.

On the crews off day they visited Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah and had a much deserved meal out in Rock Springs.

All said and done:

-1/4 mile of fence maintained

-1.5 miles of trail reclaimed

-22 WSA signs implemented

Crew 4- Fencing with Rawlins BLM

Sponsored by: BP

Fencing, fencing and more fencing is what this crew did during their time in the field. They started off by completing a 1/4 mile of tube-rail fence to build an exclusion area for a wildlife friendly reservoir and also installed a 1/4 mile section of single wire electric fence in the area. The crew then moved on to convert 1 1/2 miles of non-wildlife friendly fence to wildlife friendly fence. They then did more tube-rail fence around Dry Reservoir. Wrapping up the crew worked to clean up JO Ranch Historic site, loading a trailer full of old supplies.

For the crews educational component they visited the Historic JO Ranch near Baggs, WY for a tour of the property by a BLM Archeologist.

On the crews day off they met up with crew 2 in Rawlins for a relaxing day at the Hot Springs and City Park.

All said and done:

-1/2 mile of tube-rail fence installed

-1 1/2 miles of non-wildlife friendly fence converted to wildlife friendly

-1/4 mile of single wire electric fence implemented

Veterans Trail Crew- Trails at Glendo State Park 

The Veterans stayed busy maintaining 13 miles of trail in Glendo State Park. The maintenance work included weeding, raking, limbing trees, and removing mountain bike skinnies to make way for new ones.

For their educational component they visited the wetlands below Glendo where they learned about the various wildlife and invasive plant species.

On their off day they hung around camp for a relaxing morning before heading to Sandy Beach then to Casper, WY for some food and a stroll through downtown.

All said and done:

-13 miles of trail maintained

-8 mountain bike skinnies removed

-1 hazard tree removed



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