Crew 1- Medicine Bow National Forest- Chainsawing 

Sponsored by: USFS

This crew was hard at work clearing fallen trees off 8 different trails in Medicine Bow National Forest. They hiked and cleared 67 miles of trail in total!

For the crews education day they had the opportunity to learn about cross cut sawing a technique often used on Wilderness land. During the educational portion they hiked in Upper Tie Hack Trail and practiced the cross cut technique for a mile and a half.

On the crews day off they ventured around Libby lake before heading into Saratoga to soak in the Hot Springs!

All said and done:

-85 trees felled

-220 trees bucked and limbed

-67 miles of trail cleared of hazard trees and downfall

Crew 2- Sheridan Community Land Trust and Buffalo Bill State Park- Trails and Fencing 

Sponsored by: Sheridan Community Land Trust and Wyoming State Parks 

Sheridan Community Land Trust

During the crews time in Sheridan they maintained a one mile section of the Soldier Ridge trail, during the maintenance they installed various water mitigation and mountain biking features.

Buffalo Bill State Park

While the crew was at the Park they built 275 feet of post and rail fence next to a 6o foot cliff; maintained 60 feet of buck-n-rail fence; and cleared out 400 yards of trail next to Buffalo Bill.

For the crews educational component they visited Yellowstone National Park and toured around the south loop, learning about all the geological features along the way!

The crew had spent there off day this time traveling between work locations.

All said and done:

-1600 yards of trail maintained

-100 feet of new trail built

– 275 feet of new fence constructed

– 60 feet of fence maintained

Crew 3- Casper BLM- Chainsaw and Habitat Restoration 

Sponsored by: Devon Energy 

The crew spent there time at work cutting down over 1500 limber pines across 65 acres. The work was important as clearing the limber pine helps to preserve the Curley Leaf Mahogany bush which is an important food source for elk while they’re on the winter range.

For the crews education day they had the opportunity to tour an oil rig with the hitch sponsors Devon Energy.

On the crews day off they went and checked out the historical trails museum in Casper before heading out to Alcova Lake for a relaxing day in the sun.

All said an done:

– 65 acres of Limber Pine cleared by felling, bucking, and limbing

Crew 4- Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area- Chainsaw and Refurbishment  

Sponsored by: Antelope Butte Foundation 

This crew was hard at work completing a variety of task at the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area. The work completed included painting the ski lift towers, painting the motor rooms at the bottom of the ski lifts, cleaning up and prepping the lift chairs, and clear cutting deadfall near the ski lifts.

During the crews education day they went for a bike ride on some of the trails near the ski area to get a better view of the incredible scenery. They also made a short drive down to the Shell falls visitor center to take in the breathtaking view of the falls.

On the crews day off they stopped by the tongue river cave before heading into Sheridan for a stroll through downtown.

All said and done:

– 24 lift towers painted

– 2 motor rooms painted

– 57 lift chairs cleaned and prepped

– 20 trees felled

– 29 trees bucked and limbed

Veterans Trail Crew- Curt Gowdy State Parks- Trails 

Sponsored by: Wyoming State Parks 

During the Veterans time at work they completed more than half (0.25 miles) of the new trail construction for the Alberts Alley Reroute consisting of 5 armored banked turns, 150 feet of slash barriers put in place, and one armored turn. Additionally, the crew performed trail maintenance on nearly 4 miles of trail, the maintenance consisted of weed eating and re-clearing.

For the crews educational component they got to go on an 8 mile bike ride across some of the trails they worked on!

All said and done:

-2 trees felled

– 16 trees bucked and limbed

– 0.7 miles of new trail constructed

– 4.11 miles of existing trail maintained

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