March 1st, 2019

Registration opens today for the annual Antelope Dash trail race is Curt Gowdy State Park. The race, on August 24th, 2019 will send racers out on trails built and maintained with the help of WCC, including a former leader Sam Vogel, who nows leads the organization of the Antelope Dash. Benefits from the race total nearly $7000 in donations to the WCC.

Over the past three years the Antelope Dash has become an important event with organizers donating profits from the race to WCC. These funds help with program costs and support the longevity of the WCC. We can’t say thank you enough to the organizers, The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming State Parks, and all others involved with the Antelope Dash for their support.

Now you can do your part and register for Southeast Wyoming’s coolest race.

Learn more and register here



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