Crew 1- Hot Springs State Park- Buck-n-Rail Fencing 

Sponsored By: Wyoming State Parks 

Crew 1 kicked off their summer by constructing 0.31 miles of buck-n-rail fence through some of Hot Springs State Parks roughest terrain. They received a taste of just some of the tough work that they’ll be completing this summer, as the buck-n-rail had to traverse through hilly terrain with some slopes being as steep as 35%. The crew used over 150 bucks that they were tasked with building at the start of the hitch!

For the  crews educational portion they got to visit the dinosaur museum in Thermopolis and brush up on some of Wyomings rich geological history!

On the crews day off they went just down the road to visit Boysen State Park, to relax and hangout by the water. The day came to a wrap with some ice cream and soak in the Hot Springs.

All said and done:

  • 100 Bucks Constructed
  • 0.31 miles of buck-n-rail fence constructed

Crew 2- Lander Parks and Recreation- Invasive Species Removal & Trails

Sponsored By: City of Lander 

Crew 2 started off the summer clearing Russian Olives where the future dog park will go in Lander, Russian Olives are an invasive species found all along wetlands in the West. The crew managed to drop over 50 of the nasty hard trees and bucked up closer to 60, the trees were then piled up and run through a chipper to make for easier disposal. The remainder of the hitch the crew worked to build a 0.5 mile gravel path that will be known as cemetery trail. The trail construction consisted of both digging the tread, building in drainage features, and spreading gravel along the surface!

The crew spent their education day rock climbing in Sinks Canyon State Park, the experience level of the crew varied from some climbing experience to none. Those that had never climbed before got to learn all about the basics while those that were more advanced got to further their knowledge of some more advanced techniques.

For the crews day off they went up Sinks Canyon and hiked some of the trails that were constructed by previous WCC members while working their way up to the falls. To round out their day they went and got ice cream and hung out in town!

All said and done:

  • Felled 50 Russian Olives
  • Bucked and Limbed 60 Russian Olives
  • Chipped ~2 Tons of Russian Olives
  • Built 0.5 Miles of New Trail

Crew 3- Glendo State Park- Trails 

Sponsored By: Wyoming State Parks 

Crew 3 started off the work season by building 0.62 miles of new trail and maintaining 2 miles of trail in Glendo State Park. Much of the new trail construction consisted of building rock walls and rock staircases. The maintenance consisted of corridor clearing and retreading. The crew also had the opportunity to help out in revamping the archery range by placing various targets hidden about the area!

For the crews education component they traveled to Casper to visit the Tate Geological Museum and the Historic Trails Center!

On there off day they went to Washington Park in Casper to hangout and relax before heading to Pizza Ranch for some dinner!

All said and done:

  • 10 Trees Bucked and Limbed
  • 0.62 Miles of New Trail Constructed
  • 2 Miles of Trail Maintained

Veterans Trail Crew- Sheridan Community Land Trust- Trails 

Sponsored By: Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT)

The Veterans Trail Crew maintained and reestablished- 1 mile of trail on the Red Grade Trail system and helped to complete a new trail in town. The work consisted of implementing grade reversals and nic’s to help with drainage; building foot bridges in wet parts of the trail ranging in length from 2 feet to 70 feet; installing 5 pedestrian turn styles and adding 6 additional H-braces; Armoring ~0.25 miles of trail with road base to help prevent degradation from cattle; and removing 2 hazard trees!

For the crews educational component they met with the Director of the SCLT and learned about the SCLT mission and endeavors, as well as what Land Trust’s are.

The Crew’s off-day was Memorial day!

All said and done:

  • 7 Footbridges Constructed
  • 1 Mile of Trail Maintained
  • Installed 5 Pedestrian Turn Styles
  • Built 6 H-braces
  • Armored 0.25 Miles of Trail
  • Removed 2 Hazard Trees
  • Installed 3 Bike Rollovers


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