Crew 1- Bridger Teton National Forest- Wildlife Friendly Fencing 

Sponsored by: United States Forest Service 

Crew 1 spent their time building and repairing a wildlife friendly let down fence for seasonal migration in the Bridger Teton National Forest outside Alpine, WY. They also helped to clear out a trail and supply some firewood to the Deer Creek Ranger Station.

For the crews educational Component they talked with Forest Service employees about employment with the Forest Service and USA Jobs.

On the crews off day they explored Grand Teton National Park before getting some pizza in Jackson, WY.

All said and done:

  • 200 Yards of Let Down Fence Built
  • 1 Mile of Let Down Fence Repaired
  • 0.25 Miles of Trail Cleared
  • 6 Trees Felled
  • 40 Trees Bucked and Limbed

Crew 2- Red Canyon Ranch- Habitat Rehabilitation 

Sponsored by: The Nature Conservancy 

Crew 2 built Artificial Beaver Dams (ABD’s) along Red Canyon Creek and Barret Creek, the dams were constructed with willow limbs and rock. The goal of these dams are to help restore the stream with higher sediment levels and to aid in bringing beavers back into the area. Smaller dams were also constructed around the larger ones to help aid in recovering previously established wetlands.

For the crews educational component their contact with The Nature Conservancy took them on a tour of Red Canyon Ranch.

For the crews off day they went to the Wild River Fest in Lander before going up Sinks Canyon to hike around.

All said and done:

  • 10 New ABD’s Built
  • 4 ABD’s Repaired
  • 20 Small Rock Dams Built
  • 0.25 Miles of Trail Maintained

Crew 3- Muddy Mountain BLM- Wildlife Friendly Fencing 

Sponsored by: Devon Energy 

Crew 3 spent their time converting fence to wildlife friendly on BLM land near Muddy Mountain. The project was funded by Devon Energy in an effort to help with reclamation on the land. The crew converted some fence, tore some down, and even cleared Juniper in some areas to help recover Sage Grouse populations.

For the crews educational component they had the opportunity to tour a drilling rig and learn about Devons efforts in conserving and reclaim the land after rig become inactive.

For the crews off day they went to the Casper Rec Center before taking a stroll through downtown.

All said and done:

  • Replaced 4.3 Miles of Fence with Wildlife Friendly
  • Cleared Junipers from 50 Acres of Land
  • Participated in Volunteer Day Helping to Remove 2 Miles of Fence

Veterans Trail Crew- Shoshone National Forest- Trails 

Sponsored by: United States Forest Service 

During the Veterans final hitch they traveled to Brooks Lake in Shoshone National Forest where they built a 300 foot turnpike. The crew began by hauling 4 timbers into the work site 2.5 Miles. They then peeled 20 logs and set them in place with rebar. Finishing off the turnpike they hauled in dirt and crush to raise the tread up to the height of the logs.

For the crews education day they visited Grand Teton National Park.

For the Crews off day they traveled to Yellowstone National Park.

All said and done:

  • 4 Timbers Hauled 2.5 Miles
  • 20 Logs Peeled
  • 18 Logs Set in With Rebar
  • Lots of Dirt and Crush Moved
  • 300 Foot Turnpike Built


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