This week our crew leaders began volunteer work by collecting bins for Glass Recycling. Volunteering in and around Laramie is one of the many ways that crew leaders not only give back to their community but also earn hours needed to be eligible for the AmeriCorps Education Award. One of our largest and most successful volunteer projects to date is our Glass Recycling. A big thank you to the City of Laramie for donating bins for us to use for Glass Recycling!

Also, during the spring, crew leaders began their in-class portion of our program, Leadership in Natural Resource Management. This course helps prepare our crew leaders for their season in the field by giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed in our program. Much of this course will build upon crew leaders existing leadership skills, learn about Natural Resource Management theories and techniques, and the importance of Natural Resource Management in our public lands. As part of our curriculum, we provide our crew leaders with the opportunity to earn a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and an S212 Chainsaw certification. Keep up to date with our blog and social media accounts to see what our crew leaders are up to this spring!

4 thoughts on “Crew Leaders Begin Volunteer Work

  1. This post was fascinating and really inspirational! I love Wyoming though I’ve never been. Hopefully, I’ll make it there sometime 😊


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