Crew 1- Muddy Mountain (BLM) 

Sponsored by: Devon Energy 

For Hitch 3, Crew 1 headed out to Muddy Mountain to work with the Bureau of Land Management. They started off their hitch by painting signs, tables, benches, and bathrooms. After a day of painting, they moved on to trail remediation along existing trails before transitioning over to constructing a new ADA compliant trail. After a few days of trail work, Crew 1 went on to tear down and construct new wildlife friendly fence. 

For their Education Day, Crew 1 went and toured the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper.  

On their day off, Crew 1 headed over to Rotary Park where they hiked around and saw some awesome waterfalls. Afterwards, they went to Downtown Casper where they explored the town and enjoyed a meal out.  

All Said and Done: 

  • .25 acres thinned of Lodgepole Pine and Subalpine Fir 
  • 2 miles of trail remediated  
  • 1.30 miles of wildlife friendly fence installed 

Crew 2- Pilot Hill & Guernsey State Park 

Sponsored by: The Pilot Hill Project & Wyoming State Parks  

For Hitch 3, Crew 2 had their hitch split between Pilot Hill and Guernsey State Park. Crew 2 started off their hitch back on Pilot Hill where they started off clearing a corridor for a new trail. After clearing the corridor, Crew 2 began constructing a new trail, building retaining walls, and placing in tread armor. After 5 days on Pilot Hill, Crew 2 headed to Guernsey State Park where they began historic preservation on old State Park Facilities. Work at Guernsey consisted of scrapping old paint and repainting facilities to ensure longevity of these Historic buildings.  

On their Education Day, Crew 2 toured the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum in Guernsey State Park.  

For Crew 2’s day off, they spent the day relaxing at Guernsey Reservoir by canoeing and swimming before heading into town for a meal out.   

All Said and Done: 

  • .25 mile of trail corridor cleared 
  • .25 mile of new trail constructed  

Crew 3- Devils Tower National Monument 

Sponsored by: The National Parks Service  

Crew 3 had the long trek to the Northeastern side of the state to Devils Tower National Monument. The Crew began work at Devils Tower by resurfacing sections of the ADA Compliant Tower Trail. Crew 3 spent much of their time at Devils Tower by remediating the Tower Trail to ensure it meets ADA Compliance. Also, while at Devils Tower, the crew conducted invasive species removal, prairie dog surveys, and bat sonar surveys around the park.  

On their Education Day, the crew learned a lot about Devils Tower National Monument, The National Parks Service, and navigating USA Jobs. 

For Crew 3’s day off they headed over to The Black Hills to go tour Mount Rushmore. Afterwards, they went and checked out the Reptile Gardens before stopping in Spearfish for a meal out.  

All Said and Done: 

  • 1.50 miles of trail resurfaced 
  • 2 acres cleared of invasive species 
  • 400+ invasive plants removed 
  • Parks display boards constructed  

Crew 4- TNC Heart Mountain 

Sponsored by: The Nature Conservancy 

Crew 4 began Hitch 3 by making the long drive to The Nature Conservancy’s Heart Mountain near Powell, Wyoming. All of Crew 4’s time on Heart Mountain was spent remediating and restoring worn out and well used trails. They began near the summit of Heart Mountain where they constructed and installed wooden stairs, benches, and rock retaining walls. Afterwards, the crew began working their way down the mountain cleaning, clearing, and grooming old trails to make them more sustainable.  

For their Education Day, Crew 4 was visited by a geologist who took them for a walk around Heart Mountain and spoke about the geology of the area. 

On their day off, Crew 4 adventured out and explored the Beartooth Highway and the surrounding area before enjoying a meal out in Cody.  

All Said and Done: 

  • 2.50 miles of trail remediated 
  • 15 rock retaining walls constructed 
  • 2 benches constructed and installed 
  • Wood and rock staircases constructed 

Veterans Trail Crew (VTC)- Shoshone National Forest, Timber Creek (North Zone)

Sponsored by: U.S Forest Service  

The Veterans Trail Crew had a rare opportunity to work with the U.S Forest Service in a designated Wilderness Area. During their time up in the Shoshone National Forest, the VTC remediated existing trails by installing rock culverts and bridges, tread widening, and digging in nicks and grade reversals to ensure a long lasting and sustainable trail. Afterwards, the VTC headed up to cut in a new ¾ mile reroute for the existing trail. While out in the wilderness area, the VTC had the opportunity to get some crosscut saws in their hands to buck and limb downed trees that were on the trail reroute.  

On their Education Day, the Veterans Trail Crew made their way into Cody to check out the Buffalo Bill Muesum. 

For their day off, The Veterans Trail Crew took a day trip up into Yellowstone then stopped off in Cody for a meal out.  

All Said and Done: 

  • .25 miles of trail remediated 
  • .75 miles of new trail constructed 
  • 9 trees bucked and limbed w/ crosscut saw 

This AmeriCorps program is made possible through a generous grant from

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