The WCC is pleased to announce the AmeriCorps Field Leaders and Crew Leaders for the 2023 season! The leaders began work this Spring by participating in a Wilderness First Responder(WFR) course and taking part in our Leadership in Natural Resource Conservation class that runs all Spring. Alongside the course, the leaders will prepare for the summer work season by working to get their S-212 Chainsaw Certification and by participating in various hands-on field training opportunities. Stay posted to see what the leaders are up to this Spring with their various volunteer opportunities in the Laramie community!

2023 AmeriCorps Field Leaders

Josie Whitman

My name is Josie Whitman. I was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming. I was a student at the University of Wyoming, finishing my degrees in Environmental Systems Science and Environment and Natural Resources in May of 2022.  This is my second season with the Wyoming Conservation Corps. I’m hoping to put my degrees to good use with my position as a Field Leader. When I’m not helping the Wyoming Conservation Corps, I’m working at Laramie Interfaith as a Food Pantry Assistant, or spending time outdoors with my fiancé. 

Jacob Jelesiewicz

My name is Jacob Jelesiesicz and I grew up in New Jersey, but now I am glad to call Wyoming my home. I spent 4 years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps and now currently serving with the U.S. Navy Reserves. I am currently a full-time student at the University of Wyoming earning a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Leadership. I served on the Veterans Trail Crew with WCC as a Crew Leader in 2022. Throughout my time in WCC I have gained a better perspective and appreciation for the outdoors. I love to go backpacking, fly fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing.

2023 AmeriCorps Crew Leaders

Damon Bates

My name is Damon Bates, and I am studying Entrepreneurship with a minor in Construction Management at the University of Wyoming. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and spend a lot of my time outdoors, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. I am expected to graduate this May and look forward to the opportunity to explore and help conserve Wyoming’s parks with the WCC!

Danielle Clapper

Hi my name is Danielle, I grew up in Veteran, Wyoming on a farm and ranch with 5 other siblings. When I was 3 years old, being outside was all I knew and I grew to love everything about it. My life has been filled with hiking, camping, backpacking, farm work, snow shoeing, and a general love for the outdoors. Now my life is dedicated to wildlife conservation and sustainability. I decided to join the WCC because I missed working outside and was encouraged by my fiancé to pursue it. The summer service is going to be a nice break from schoolwork, where I am pursuing a career as an Elementary Educator.

Rowan Kelly

Howdy everyone, I’m Rowan Kelly! I was a crew member in the WCC for the 2021 season and now I’m back as a Crew Leader. I’m originally from Hawaii but have lived in Laramie for the last 9 years. I’m currently getting my undergrad in Political Science and will be wrapping up my junior year this spring. I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and conservation ever since I was young. Growing up on a small island, conservation and environmental stewardship were a big part of day-to-day life. This early exposure to conservation sparked an interest in me that eventually led me to the joining the WCC. Being a crew member 2 years ago opened my eyes to how much I can impact the spaces in my own backyard. The projects we worked on will be enjoyed by so many people, and it’s great to know I was a part of making that happen.  As a crew leader, I’m back this season because I want to further challenge myself and have a fun and fulfilling summer! 

Jami Oyster

My name is Jami Oyster. I am from Malvern, IA but have lived in Laramie for the last 4 years while I attend the University of Wyoming. I am majoring in Geology & Earth Science and Environment & Natural Resources with a minor in Forest Resources and I hope to graduate in Spring 2023. I love being able to work outside while also learning new skills and meeting new people. This is my third summer with the WCC and my second summer as a crew leader. I hope to work for the forest or park service after this season ends. 

Keith Johnson

My name is Keith Johnson and I’m a crew leader for the Wyoming Conservation Corps. I was a crew member last summer and was blessed to be on a great crew with great leaders. I learned a lot from them and feel I have the leadership skills to pay it forward and help my crew have a great summer. I moved to Laramie from Ventura County, California where I went to high school. I was working an office job and going to community college in California, but I knew I wanted to work toward a career in the outdoors so I moved out here on a whim and have loved it so far. I’m studying Environmental Systems Science and ENR. Working with the Wyoming Conservation Corps gives me the opportunity to spend my summer working hard to preserve the great outdoors of beautiful Wyoming, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer.

I love hiking, photography, painting, skiing, and sports! I played football, track, and wrestling in high school, so any friendly competition is something I’d be interested in.

Sophia Bove

My name is Sophie Bovè. I’m a junior at the University of Wyoming, majoring in Outdoor Recreation with a minor in Soil Science. I’ve lived in 6 states, with most of my time spent in Arkansas and Wyoming. My free time consists of fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, skiing, and exploring the wilderness. This is my first season with the WCC and I could not be more excited to spend the summer outside, bettering our Wyoming landscape.

Cooper Palmieri

My name is Cooper I grew up in Woodlawn, Tennessee and moved to Wyoming about 3 years ago for school. I am a in my junior year at the University of Wyoming where I am studying Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management. I am passionate about the outdoors and conservation that stems from my time in the Boy Scouts where I earned the Eagle Scout award. In the summer of 2021, I served as a Crew Member for WCC. I enjoy hiking, skiing, climbing, and conservation! After earning my degree, I plan on pursuing a career in Wildland Firefighting.

Alissa Sellars

Hello, my name is Alissa Sellars. I am an undergrad student here at the University of Wyoming studying Environmental Systems Sciences with a cumulative degree in Environment & Natural Resources and a minor in Outdoor Leadership. I will be graduating in the spring of 2023. This is my first season with the WCC, and I am excited to learn new skills, meet new people in the field, and spend the summer outdoors.

Lea Blasko– All-Women’s Crew Leader

My name is Lea Blasko, I was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming. I grew up hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, climbing, and doing pretty much everything outdoors! I am currently pursuing a degree in Environment and Natural Resources and Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics. I hope to pursue a career after graduating where I can incorporate both fields. I am extremely passionate about nature and the conservation of our planet, Mama Earth. I met a bunch of friends who had done WCC and loved the immersive experience, so I decided to apply! I am very honored to be a part of WCC and be a crew leader on the all-women’s crew.

Cori Carpio– All-Women’s Crew Leader

My name is Corina Carpio, but I go by Cori. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. I have lived in Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico. I have been teaching in each of those states, and wanted to branch off from my comfort zone. My first jump into conservation work was in 2018, when I chaperoned a trip to Boundary Waters for Bangor High School. During that trip the students learned about Leave No Trace camping, how to map a route, and about the ecosystems in northern Minnesota. I have always been a nature lover and wanted to spend time working outside. In 2021 I was a crew member for the WCC, this will be my first season as a Crew Leader. I look forward to being a Crew Leader for the Women’s Crew for their second season. 

Tommy Furland– Veterans Trail Crew Leader

I am Tommy Furland, a Navy Veteran, and a true outdoorsman at heart. With a passion for adventure and exploring the great outdoors, I have dedicated my life to seeking out new and exciting experiences in nature. Whether it’s hiking through the mountains, fishing in remote rivers, or camping under the stars, I am always up for a challenge and eager to test my limits. I am a motivated outdoorsman who is always ready to share my love of the outdoors with others. 

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