Hitch 5

Crew 1 - Bridger Teton national Forest Sponsored by: USFS Who likes fencing? Crew 1 does! They were busy completing a wild-life friendly buck and rail fence around Forest Park Campground near Alpine, WY. Once they completed the fence, they maintained trail on Sheep Creek Trail. This trail work included water drainage mitigation, Rock path … Continue reading Hitch 5

Volunteer Day

Buford Foundation Ranch, Centennial, WY - On Saturday April 2nd, the Wyoming Conservation Corps teamed up with a number of organizations to help wildlife west of Laramie on Highway 130.     Who: Wyoming Conservation Corps, Fish and Wildlife Services Wyoming Wildlife Federation, UW Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, and … Continue reading Volunteer Day

WCC Builds Some of the Best Mountain Biking Trails in Wyoming

Wyoming has been a long held destination for recreation of the highest caliber. I was under the impression that the trail work WCC has done with Curt Gowdy State Park, Glendo State Park, and others is some of the best around. Well, turns out my suspicions were correct. The WCC has built roughly 40% of the … Continue reading WCC Builds Some of the Best Mountain Biking Trails in Wyoming