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Wyoming Conservation Corps’ (WCC) mission is not only to connect our young adults with hands-on natural resource management experiences to promote leadership through service. The WCC is dedicated to training and educating our members through upper level University of Wyoming classes. On top of our crew leaders being USFS S-212 chainsaw certified and Wilderness First Responders, we dedicate classes in teaching a range of environmental conservation issues, histories, and practical management skills.

Our dedication to educating our members amounts to a few initiatives:

6 hours of the 10 day hitch will require an educational aspect. This can include a tour of the facilities, the crew meeting with decision makers about the intricacies of their jobs and decisions, a field trip, or further information on the project as a whole.  Those were just some examples but the partner, in working with the WCC office staff and leaders, can be as creative they want as long as it aligns with the WCC’s mission.

  • In order to make these education hours useful and fun for everyone, including our partners, one of the office staff with the crew leader will help with planning. We hope to insure our members and our partners have a positive experience and provide a contact for the organizations we work with to bounce ideas and help the partners execute the educational components.

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