Why Become a WCC Project Partner?

  • Members bring youthful energy and enthusiasm and motivate existing staff.
  • See members in action and get early exposure to your future workforce.
  • Develop the next generation of land stewards.
  • Encourage young people to care about their communities and environment.

Please email Jfried@uwyo.edu to discuss a partnership with WCC

Member Testimonials

  • “The WCC expanded my view of public land management and reiterated my role as a citizen in Wyoming” – Tyler Carroll, crew member 2016
  • “I learned a greater respect and awareness of the time and energy required to maintain and manage public land” – Eli Riesman, crew member 2015 and 2016
  • “My time with the WCC enable me to talk to more project partners and have a better conversation about species regulation and conservation” – Hanna Foster, crew member 2016
  • “Now, it feels more dutiful to do little things like dishes and clean. It feels natural now.” -Michael Holtzer, crew member 2016

Project Partner Testimonials

  • I was really pleased to visit with the students as they did their work at the M-L Ranch, restoring parts of the ranch site to its original condition.
  • The M-L Ranch is just across the river from the community where my dad was raised.  My dad was an avid outdoorsman who raised me to leave an area better than we found it. I love that Wyoming students are learning to restore and protect special places in Wyoming.  It is my desire that they learn to love the land as they get their education and be able to help Wyoming develop resources in a responsible way. ~Elaine Harvey
  • On behalf of Harry Brubaker (the project coordinator),the Casper Nordic Club and the Casper Biathlon Club I can’t say enough good things about the WCC its staff and crews.  From the beginning the WCC and its staff have been a pleasure to deal with.  They have been very professional and enthusiastic about helping us with our trail project. The crews have been fantastic.
  • The work they completed was truly impressive. What 3 work parties from WCC accomplished this summer would have taken us the next 5+ years to complete with local volunteers. I had the pleasure of meeting each one of the crew leaders and their team. I was impressed by how courteous these young people are and how committed they were to our project. They also seemed to really enjoy the work and accomplishment of building our trail system.  I look forward to a continued relationship with the WCC to help us complete these trails on Casper Mountain and to help with other projects in our community.
  • A hearty thanks from Harry Brubaker and myself to all involved!!! ~ Keith Tyler

Hire A Crew

To discuss the prospects of hiring a crew, contact Jim Fried at Jfried@uwyo.edu or (307) 766-3048

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