The Wyoming Conservation Corps works all over Wyoming with a variety of partners ranging from federal land management agencies to energy companies and non-profits.

Since 2006, our crews have been public servants to the public lands of Wyoming. Our Crews have completed:

         47 – Historic sites restored

         60– Approximate miles of Wildlife Friendly Fence built

         72 – Students participating in ENR 4950

         (Leadership in Natural Resource Management)

         71 – Different project sponsors/supporters

         80 – Wilderness First Responder certifications provided

         90 – Campgrounds restored or maintained

       176 – Miles of Trail built and maintained in Wyoming

       234 – Wilderness First Aid certifications provided

       322 – Educational Awards received

       322 – Students completing their term of service

       342 – Students participating in ENR 3700

         (Wyoming Conservation Corps Practicum)

       424 – Academic Credits earned

    3,220 – Approximate number of trees felled

    1,950 – Approximate pounds of bacon consumed

    9,684 – Hours of agency specific education

580,000 – Hours of service on Wyoming’s public land

Hire A Crew

To discuss the prospects of hiring a crew, contact Jim Fried at jfried@uwyo.edu or (307) 766-3048