Typical Schedule

The schedule is 10 days on, 4 days off. (10-hour days)
  • For most hitches, the crew departs from the shop location Monday between 6 and 8:30 am and returns Wednesday no later than 5:30 pm, camping 9 nights.
  • Typical Project Schedule:
    • Day 1: Monday –Crews drive from Laramie to the project location usually arriving mid-morning (depends on how far the drive from Laramie is). Crews set up camp, make lunch, and get ready to work the rest of the day.
    • Day 2: Tuesday – Workday: Leaders are up at 5:30 starting breakfast and waking the crew. Crews eat breakfast, complete morning chores (including packing a lunch and doing breakfast dishes), and are ready for the workday by 7am. Crews will generally work 10-hour days and return to camp at 5pm. Crews are allowed two 15-minute breaks throughout the day and one 50-minute lunch. Once back at camp crews will begin to cook dinner and finish any evening chores.
    • Day 3: Wednesday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day 4: Thursday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day 5: Friday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day 6: Saturday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day 7: Sunday – Rest and Relaxation Day. Crews can relax in camp or go and check out a nearby attraction. Crews will also be able to go into town for a meal and maybe a shower!
    • Day 8: Monday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day 9: Tuesday – Workday 7am – 5pm
    • Day10: Wednesday – If there is any work left to complete on the project, or if the crew has not yet completed their hour commitments, the crew will work this morning. Once finished, the crew will pack up camp and return to Laramie.
    • During hitch, WCC covers food and travel expenses. Crews will set up their tents near the project location. Camping supplies including tent, stove, cook wear, and water jugs are provided.
    • As an AmeriCorps volunteer position, WCC does not provide traditional Holiday, Sick and Personal Leave time. Organizations depend on the service members and host site programs provide. We ask that members be mindful of the commitment they have made to serve their communities and complete their projects.

Absence beyond four days is deemed excessive and will result in a stipend reduction for additional days missed. In the case of excessive absence, the member may need to volunteer outside of the Corps to earn additional service hours to complete the education award.

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